Upholstery Cleaning Service

Extending the life of your furniture professionally


We offer a healthy cleaning package ensuring that your upholstery is not only free from dirt but it’s also sanitized. We believe that our service should not stop by cleaning the furniture’s surface. We believe that real cleaning means that we should remove all the allergens and bacteria that impose a risk to your health.

Our package includes pre-inspection, deep cleaning extraction and sanitizing. The pre-inspection phase aims to check the condition of your upholstery. On the other hand, deep cleaning extraction removes dirt that has been staying in your upholstery. The sanitizing phase ensures that we killed the allergens and bacteria present.


Each time we talk to our clients, we emphasize the extra service we provide — upholstery sanitation. As part of our professional upholstery cleaning service, we aim to give you an extra mile service. It’s our way to ensure that you receive your furniture as good as new, which is free from dust mites, pollen and pet dander.

We use a special deodorizer that eliminates bad odor while eliminating the unhealthy bacteria present in the furniture. Our sanitizing chemical works on beds, mattresses and other materials.

Cleaning Service

Why choose us?

We have a number of reasons to say that you should choose us. And we’re proud to say that we can deliver all our promises that our clients in the Austin area can prove. Our loyal clients recommend our team and we never fail them. When you choose us, expect us to provide you the following:


Quick-drying treatment

We use a quick-drying treatment that allows you to use the furniture as soon as we’re done cleaning it. Because we understand how impractical to buy another furniture to replace your furniture temporarily. Although the drying technique is fast, we ensure that the cleaning treatment kills the bacteria in your furniture.


Thorough inspection

We thoroughly inspect your furniture before we implement cleaning it because we want to know if we need to use some special treatment. We prefer checking your furniture before deciding the cleaning agents we’ll use.


Detailed quote

We take pride in the transparency of our service. We provide you a detailed quote to guide you regarding the work we did on your furniture. We provide all the details you need matching the result of work you receive from us.


Extra mile service

We don’t please you, we satisfy you. It’s our mission that we keep repeating it with every customer we deal with. We love to hear your compliments, of course. But we want to know if you’re satisfied with our service. If our service is worthy of your money. So we give an extra mile with every service we deliver.

Reliable cleaning technicians

Our cleaning technicians value your time. When you hire us, don’t expect any delay. They come on time and they always show up. They never miss a schedule.

Reliable Cleaning



Give us a call at (512) 797-3509 or via email at vipcarpetcleaning@aol.com

Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.