Do you want your carpet to last long and look new for years? Follow the carpet cleaning tips below as suggested by DIY experts.


Every spill and every stain should be clean right away. It avoids the chance of getting deep-seated grime and bacteria that may live in your carpet. You can vacuum the surface or you can use homemade cleaning agents for spot cleaning. When you clean the carpet right away, you’re avoiding the chance of inviting insects and developing molds. Keeping a carpet clean makes your place healthy.


Before using chemicals that can be harmful to your health, use water in cleaning your carpet. Sometimes, water washes away the dirt leaving no stain in the carpet.

However, ensure not to soak the carpet. Use the only small amount of water and a towel to clean it. Dry it using a fan.


Have you noticed that a carpet’s dullness depends on where it’s located? Basically, the high-traffic areas have a more dull color than the rest of the carpet. The accumulated dirt is the usual reason why the color gets dull. To avoid it, you must clean it regularly — at least twice a month. Because it’s often targeted with dirt, it gets more attention than the rest of the carpet.


If you’re cleaning your carpet often, buy or rent a DIY steam cleaning machine. It’s cheaper than hiring a professional cleaning service. However, don’t expect that the machine works like a pro. Still, the professional cleaning service has the expertise to do the job.

When you’re using a steam cleaning machine, keep in mind that you need a cleaning agent so it could effectively work. You also need to follow the manual so you know the proper way to use it without damaging your carpet and the machine.


Whether you use the dry shampooing method or the traditional method, you still need to use water to clean the carpet. You can’t avoid it if you want to ensure that your carpet is clean.

However, be mindful when using water. You may end up soaking the carpet for days leaving you unproductive.

If you’re doing a DIY cleaning, ensure that you have enough suction to extract the water. However, if it’s not the case, make only one pass of cleaning with water then at least three times of drying.


To clean your carpet effectively, you need to use the right materials. Take time in choosing it so you won’t end up buying the wrong materials. You must be meticulous because you’ll be using the material for several times. For example, when buying a carpet-cleaning soap, it’s better to buy environment-friendly soap especially if you have kids in your house.

You must also have a stock of paper towels, spot treating cleaners, floor mats and vacuum filters. These materials help in preventing too much dirt in your carpet. Some materials can be used for quick cleaning.

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