Revolutionized Cleaning Method

At VIP Carpet Cleaning Austin, we use a revolutionized cleaning method for your rugs. We achieve it through our state-of-the-art equipment that deep cleans dirt and dust on your rugs. Our equipment cleans hard-to-remove stains without damaging the rugs. Hire us today and see why our clients get shocked after showing them the before and after photo of their rugs.

Customized Solutions

Because not every rug is the same, our staff takes special attention to detail in cleaning your rugs effectively. Our certified cleaning technicians customize cleaning methods that match every fabric material. We invest in the right cleaning solution so each fabric gets the proper treatment it needs.

Cleaning rugs for a healthy environment

Part of our mission is to help you maintain a healthy environment. Whether you need us at your home or in your office, we’re more than happy to help you. Our professional rug cleaning service doesn’t just do vacuum jobs. We catch all the allergens in your rugs without leaving any trace.


It’s upsetting to experience an asthma attack or allergy attack because it distracts you in focusing your usual activity. Unfortunately, you get those allergens and household dust in your rug. If you own one, ensure that you’re cleaning it three to four times a year. When you hire us, we ensure that the pollens and pet dander will be removed in your rug.

Spot remover

We use a spot remover for hard-to-clean grease and stains to ensure that we directly deal with the spills. We first clean the spot affected by stains then we clean the entire rug. It helps us to ensure that we put the right amount of chemicals and pressure to the surface. It ensures that when you receive your rug, you won’t see any spot.

Spot Remover

Satisfied customers

We know that you have a checklist when it comes to hiring a professional cleaner. With the number of years we’re here in the industry, we’ve seen all the demands of our clients. And the bottom line for giving your demands is customer satisfaction.

We’re glad to say that we’re fortunate to have a dedicated cleaning staff that provides the best customer service. We listen to your demands, which help us improve our work. It’s what keeps us going.

We also offer an affordable service without hidden charges. We want you to receive the service worthy of your money. Expect it when we send you a quote.

Friendly Chemical

Speed drying

We don’t want to waste your time waiting for your rug to dry. So, we invest in equipment that can dry fast so you can use it immediately. Through our speed-drying technique, it ensures that molds will not be produced keeping your carpet clean.

Environment-friendly chemicals

We can’t avoid using chemical agents because it helps us clean your rug. However, we ensure that it’s environment-friendly and child-friendly. Our chemicals passed the standards of environment governing bodies so you’re guaranteed that we’re using safe cleaners.



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